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Continent Code AS
Continent Name Asia
Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) HK
Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) HKG
Country Name Hong Kong
Country Flag country__flag
Country Capital Hong Kong
State/Province Hong Kong
District/County Tai Lam
City Tuen Mun
Zip Code DD106 2011
Latitude & Longitude of City Latitude:22.39640" Longitude: "114.10900
Geoname ID 1819729
Is EU?
Calling Code +852
Country TLD .hk
Languages zh-HK, yue, zh, en
ISP Abcde Group Company Limited
Connection Type
Currency Hong Kong Dollar
Currency Code HKD
Currency Symbol HK$
Timezone Asia/Hong_Kong
Timezone Offset 8
Current Time 2020-11-20 14:59:12.888+0800
Current Time Unix 1605855552.888
DST Savings 0

What is an IP Address?

As we called IP short form is an "Internet Protocol", this is an address contains a numerical label assigned to each computer device connected to a network route. This is Internet Protocol is used for communication between one point to another point. The assigned IP address provided two main functions that one host/network interface identification and other second one location addressing.

How do I find or Where do I find my IP address on Computer?

Open your Windows Start menu and then right-click to "My Network Places", the after click “Properties”, here you see a Network Connections screen. Double click the “Wireless Network Connection” or find “Local Area Connection”. Now Open the Support tab and click “Details” button. Here Your IP address appears. It's format like

How do I locate my IP address on Android?

If you are using Android smartphone or tablet, then navigate to Settings >> Wireless & Networks or find "Network & Internet" on your devices >> then select the WiFi network >> Your IP address is displayed here.

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